The Mid-Valley Pelvic Floor Wellness Clinic

Event details:

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2023
Time: 12:00-2:30pm
Location: Splendid Barre Studio in Corvallis
Facilitator: Anna Burnett, LMT
Cost: $150 (sliding scale pricing is available via codes 40-OFF and 75-OFF)

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About this clinic:

Do you know how to assess your unique pelvic patterns? Do you know how to care for your own pelvic floor? We will begin this empowering journey together. This hands-on workshop includes:

  • a pelvic anatomy overview
  • various self-assessments
  • a pelvic floor assessment by Anna
  • guided self-treatment workshop
  • group integration and support

Privacy drapes (sheets) will be provided during self-treatment time, which will occur in a group setting.

How will this workshop help me?

The objective is for each attendee to gain pelvic floor self-treatment skills through anatomy education and hands-on practice.

This workshop will benefit anyone who desires to connect with and care for their pelvic bowl. We will work directly with muscle tension patterns and scar tissue from trauma, childbirth, surgery, stress, life, etc. Click here to read more about the specific symptoms and conditions that can benefit from Integrative Pelvic Bodywork (including self-treatment).

Eligible Participants and Cancellations Considerations

Any person with a vulva, age 18 and older, of any gender identity and life stage is welcome to participate in this hands-on workshop. However, please do not register if you are pregnant or will be less than six weeks postpartum, post-radiation, or post-surgery on the event date. If symptoms of sickness or a scheduling conflict should arise, anyone unable to attend this clinic in person will be granted access to a virtual pelvic mapping workshop. If you are bleeding on January 1, you are welcome to come and free bleed on a provided pad. Otherwise, you may stay home and enjoy the experience in privacy.

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What to Bring

We will be sitting and laying on the soft mats at Splendid Barre. I will provide sheets and blankets. Please also bring:

  • a pillow or two
  • your water bottle
  • journal and pen

Testimonials from participants of past pelvic care workshops:

“I was both excited and nervous leading up to the workshop/practice because I ticked so many of the boxes describing who this helps: survivors of trauma, womxn who have given birth, womxn who want to gain more literacy about their bodies, etc. Anna could not have been kinder or more knowledgeable, and I really appreciated her sharing her own story about how she got involved in this work. Her sincere celebrations of vulnerability–the willingness to show up for this work with whatever reasons we might have–quickly set me at ease. The substantive discussion up front about the anatomical placement and functioning of the pelvic floor before the internal work invited both my brain and body to the table in a way that was as impressive as it was important. I felt so empowered and so fed at the end of this training and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone.” -K.S.

“This workshop is a unique bridge between the clinical and personal self help journey. I have been on that journey for over a decade with pelvic prolapse and instability. While clinical therapy has been somewhat helpful I am one of those cases that will need regular care for the rest of my life. Anna’s calm, professional, and compassionate presentation teaches essential health skills and breaks down barriers of shame and inhibition that I think will help many women and their partners to normalize pelvic conditions and healing so that women can not only have courage to seek professional help but also be able to help themselves.” -G.C.

“Anna was both knowledgeable about pelvic anatomy and deeply sensitive to the emotional and energetic history held in our bodies; I was impressed with her trauma sensitive guidance. I consider myself to be an anatomy geek and a proponent of female empowerment, and Anna successfully taught me things I didn’t know about my own body! I want my mother, my grandmother, and all of my women/mother friends to take this course. It’s more than anatomy- it’s a reclamation.” – A.M.

Event History and Social Connections

This is a Pelvic Wellness Collective event. The Mid-Valley Pelvic Floor Wellness Clinic was held last in Corvallis on April 23, 2022 and was originally offered online on January 1, 2021. Click here for testimonials from past participants.

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