Anna Burnett offers whole body manual therapy, internal pelvic bodywork, and visceral (organ) manipulation, with a trauma-informed approach and 17 years of experience in medical massage. Anna facilitates the Pelvic Wellness Collective. Read about bodywork services here. Burnett Bodywork is located in downtown Corvallis, Oregon.

Upcoming Events

Body + Breath is a trauma-informed, parasympathetic breathwork practice. Join us for our next circle. A slow, curious exploration of the edges of a full breath through the nose, without any force or regulation, can help soothe (down-regulate) a stressed nervous system.

All adults are invited to download the replay for “Why Pelvic Embodiment Matters,” a free online workshop. Anna and Keenan provide trauma-informed, clinical insights into the practice of inhabiting a region of the body too often avoided or distorted. Join us to explore why pelvic embodiment is essential to your life, love, business endeavors, creative pursuits, health, and community wellbeing.