Pelvic Wellness Collective

Pelvic Wellness Collective clinics are group workshops and experiences facilitated by Anna Burnett, LMT. The broadest vision for these gatherings is to deepen connection to ourselves and our community through clinical pelvic wellness education, felt-sense awareness, trauma-informed practices, and social togetherness.

More specifically, these workshops tend to address the somatic (body) or emotional fractures that can impede total pelvic floor rehabilitation. This is vital element of whole person wellness and will also benefit any person already pursuing treatments through manual therapy, physical therapy, integrative pelvic bodywork, or other wellness practices.

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Current Workshops

Why Pelvic Embodiment Matters

All adults are invited to download the replay for “Why Pelvic Embodiment Matters,” a free online workshop. Anna and Keenan provide trauma-informed, clinical insights into the practice of inhabiting a region of the body too often avoided or distorted. Join us to explore why pelvic embodiment is essential to your life, love, business endeavors, creative pursuits, health, and community wellbeing.

Past Events

Intro to Pelvic Therapy (June 2022)
Pelvic Floor Wellness Clinic (April 2022)
Virtual Pelvic Mapping (2021)
Pelvic Mapping for Couples (2021)

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