Meet Anna

My ongoing training is in osteopathic manual therapy, advanced pelvic bodywork, visceral manipulation, and trauma-informed care. At 17 years into practice, I made the choice to eliminate all full body relaxation massage services and only offer treatments in manual therapy and internal pelvic bodywork.

To my knowledge, I am the only LMT in the Corvallis area offering internal pelvic treatment. If you desire to schedule an appointment and do not see any availability on the online schedule, please contact me to be placed on a waiting list and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.

It is my honor to be of careful and joyful service to our community in the Mid-Valley through Burnett Bodywork and the Pelvic Wellness Collective.

General Education

I was trained in medical massage in 2005 in Palm Springs, California. Before moving to Oregon in 2012, I worked as massage therapist in Alaska, Tennessee, and California. My continuing education includes: visceral (organ) manipulation (levels 1-4 with the Barral Institute as of 2023), internal pelvic floor (2020-2023), manual lymphatic drainage, scar tissue remediation, muscle energy technique (PNF), gua sha (scraping), stretching anatomy and active release, Thai massage, energy medicine, and trigger point therapy. I also train quarterly with my professional mentor, Dr. Tobin Rummel, D.O of Ambassadors Health Alliance.

LMT #22623

Trauma and Pelvic Care Education

Bodywork for the Female Pelvic Floor with Leslie Stager, RN, LMT (June 10-13, 2022) – Female pelvic anatomy, treatment protocols for female pelvic floor dysfunction, trauma-informed pelvic care, external and internal assessment protocols, ethics of internal pelvic cavity treatment.

Visceral Manipulation: The Pelvis with the Barral Institute (January 16-17, 2021) – Evaluation and treatment for the organ systems of the pelvic cavity, including the integration of the pelvic organs with the complex ligament systems of that body region. Studies the relationship between functional and structural mechanics of the pelvis.

Trauma First Aid with Dr. Peter Levine (April 27 – May 18, 2020) – Principles of somatic experiencing and trauma, trauma first aid, working with collective trauma, responding to natural disasters.

Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) with Tami Lynn Kent, PT (March 11-14, 2020) – Mapping internal pelvic tension patterns, female energy system and working with organ energies, pelvic and emotional trauma, birth trauma, restoring equilibrium in the pelvic space by working at the energy/body interface.

My favorite nouns are sunrise, sunset, and chocolate. My favorite verbs are backpacking, earthing, and dancing. I am a circle keeper and honored to be held in community in both Corvallis and Bend. I have a deep history of trauma and healing, and my greatest joy is being mom to four fantastic little people.