Why Pelvic Embodiment Matters

with Keenan Bloom, RCST, and Anna Burnett, LMT

3-4pm, PST, on September 11, 2022

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Come home to your body.

Anna and Keenan provide trauma-informed, clinical insights into the practice of inhabiting a region of the body too often avoided or distorted. Pelvic embodiment involves understanding your pelvic anatomy and how it presents a wise metaphor for living a vibrant life of clarity, power, rest, nourishment, and creation. All adult persons are welcome to register.

Pelvic disassociation limits our access to holistic wellness and can impede pelvic floor rehabilitation. Join us to explore why pelvic embodiment is essential to your life, love, business endeavors, creative pursuits, health, and community wellbeing. The workshop will be recorded and emailed out 24 hours after class. Please help us spread the word about this free offering by sharing this website or a social media post on Instagram or Facebook.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • have a pelvis
  • experience pain, numbness, hypermobility, lack sensation or mobility, or any other expression of imbalance your hips, low back, etc. (structures both above and below the hips)
  • feel disconnected from your pelvis specifically or desire to nourish or deepen your connection to your body in general
  • have a history of trauma or abuse, depression or anxiety
  • wish to feel more safe, grounded, and at home in your own body
  • want to increase your capacity for creativity and productivity

This workshop is an invitation to release layers of shame and fear, desexualize the pelvis, learn about pelvic anatomy and function, connect with your pelvic energy through meditation and movement, and engage in a vital embodiment practice for your lifelong wellness.

About Your Instructors

Keenan Bloom, RCST, is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and owner of Liquid Light Healing in Corvallis.

Anna Burnett, LMT, facilitates the Pelvic Wellness Collective and Burnett Bodywork in Corvallis, specializing in manual therapy and pelvic care.