Pelvic Floor Wellness Clinic

Event details:

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2022
Time: 12:30-3:30pm
Location: Splendid Barre in Corvallis

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Pelvic Wellness Collective events are group clinics and a community experiences. This is a hands-on event. For this clinic, we will have an opening circle, to include an anatomy overview and clinic orientation. Privacy drapes (sheets) will be provided during the guided, self-treatment workshop. Anna will provide instruction, support, and individual assessments. In a closing circle, we will discuss experiences and explore questions. The objective for this clinic is for each person to increase awareness and understanding of their own pelvic bowl and to learn the skill of pelvic floor self-treatment.

How will this workshop help me?

The anatomical awareness and treatment techniques will benefit anyone who desires to connect with and care for their pelvic bowl. We will work directly with muscle tension patterns and with scar tissue from trauma, childbirth, surgery, stress, life, etc. This workshop is for you if you:

  • Desire to learn the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic bowl
  • Desire to connect with the energetics of the pelvic bowl
  • Have pain in your low back, hips, or lower limbs
  • Have pelvic pain of any kind
  • Have ever given birth (either vaginally or by caesarian section)
  • Have incontinence or mild prolapse
  • Experience pain with intercourse, menstruation, or ovulation 
  • Have had abdominal surgery of any kind
  • Have experienced trauma (physical, emotional, sexual, medical)
  • Are peri- or post-menopausal
  • Have any other imbalance or other condition of pelvis


Any person with a vulva, age 18 and older, of any gender identity and life stage is welcome to participate in this hands-on workshop. There will be no refunds. Anyone unable to attend in person will be granted access to the virtual pelvic mapping event. If you are bleeding on April 23, you are welcome to come and free bleed on a provided pad, or you may stay home and enjoy the experience in privacy. Please do not register if you are pregnant or less than six weeks postpartum, post-radiation, post-surgery.

What to Bring

You are invited to wear a skirt to allow for an easier transition to hands-on work in a group setting. Please also bring:

  • a yoga mat OR a towel
  • water or tea
  • a journal and pen
  • a coat or blanket for extra warmth, if desired
  • a pelvic wand / tool for self-treatment

If you need to order a pelvic wand, I recommend this Trigger Point pelvic wand from Intimate Rose. Use code ANNA13 for a discount. ​

Testimonials from participants of past pelvic care workshops:

“Anna was both knowledgeable about pelvic anatomy and deeply sensitive to the emotional and energetic history held in our bodies; I was impressed with her trauma sensitive guidance. I consider myself to be an anatomy geek and a proponent of female empowerment, and Anna successfully taught me things I didn’t know about my own body! I want my mother, my grandmother, and all of my women/mother friends to take this course. It’s more than anatomy- it’s a reclamation.” – A.M.

“I didn’t know what to expect from this session, but I walked away with life-changing information. Not only was it refreshing to talk about the female body in a non-sexual way (reminding myself that I am MORE than a commodity), but I also realized how much trauma and scar tissue remains from my childbirths. I entered this session thinking I didn’t have any major issues, but I discovered really painful and sensitive areas and learned how to start treating and improving them myself. Every woman deserves to have this education and be empowered to have a healthy pelvic bowl. I also entered this session thinking mainly of reproductive organs, but I learned that the pelvic bowl has to do with posture, blood flow, and overall health – we should all learn to love and take care of it. This should be a standard part of every woman’s healthcare, especially after giving birth!” – Claire

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