Stories: pelvic mapping

Testimonials from participants of virtual pelvic mapping sessions held in January and February 2021:

“I was both excited and nervous leading up to the workshop/practice because I ticked so many of the boxes describing who this helps: survivors of trauma, womxn who have given birth, womxn who want to gain more literacy about their bodies, etc. Anna could not have been kinder or more knowledgeable, and I really appreciated her sharing her own story about how she got involved in this work. Her sincere celebrations of vulnerability–the willingness to show up for this work with whatever reasons we might have–quickly set me at ease. The substantive discussion up front about the anatomical placement and functioning of the pelvic floor before the internal work invited both my brain and body to the table in a way that was as impressive as it was important. I felt so empowered and so fed at the end of this training and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone.” -K.S.

“Guided pelvic mapping with Anna is self-care of the highest order. It’s such a necessary intimacy to remind us that our pelvic bowls belong to us and that they flourish under our attention and care. Anna brings deep understanding and gentleness to a practice that takes the practitioner to the very seat of her power, her spirit, the roots of her emotional life. It’s a healing and equilibrium so beneficial to every woman.” – A.W.

“What a great way to start New Year with virtual pelvic Mapping workshop with Anna. That gave me boost of energy and enthusiasm hopefully for the whole year to practice self awareness, self care, self compassion, continuing to learn, support and spread the joy. Very satisfying and uplifting. Thank you very much! I liked that you mentioned in the beginning that we would each get exactly what we are meant to out of it and to listen to our bodies. I’m sure the experience of this workshop was different for every person that attended and that’s part of why I’d be interested in attending again. I’d be curious to see how much I remember and how the experience is different or the same from the first time.” – Anonymous

“I thought the class was very comfortable, having the camera and mic off gave me some piece of mind. I took your advice about how to prepare for the 30min-1hr before and I think that helped get my space and myself ready. I liked the flow of the workshop and would be interested in taking it again. Learned a lot about myself and triggers. After the workshop I felt lighter, like a weight was lifted, I felt more in tune and connected with myself. I didn’t realize how much I needed to give myself the time and comfort both mentally and physically. It was a wonderful experience and I think all women would benefit from attending.” – L.K.

“It was truly wonderful experience. I’m glad to have been a small part of your journey too! You are an excellent teacher. The timing of your post in [our women’s group] was uncanny. I’ve recently been researching to start pelvic PT, and this was a perfect comfortable intro for me exploring what’s going on with my own body. I look forward to more of your sessions in the future too.” – A.L.

“Anna is a brilliant therapist, an incredible teacher, and has a very unique transmission. Thank you Anna!” – R.P.

Every woman would benefit from this empowering knowledge and Anna delivers it in such a practical and grounded way. I felt surprisingly vulnerable as I showed up to the workshop (surprising because I am not new to this type of work) but Anna brought such a loving and accepting presence which allowed me to feel empowered in the experience. Afterward, I felt so connected to my body. I am so grateful! – Anonymous

Anna was both knowledgeable about pelvic anatomy and deeply sensitive to the emotional and energetic history held in our bodies; I was impressed with her trauma sensitive guidance. I consider myself to be an anatomy geek and a proponent of female empowerment, and Anna successfully taught me things I didn’t know about my own body! I want my mother, my grandmother, and all of my women/mother friends to take this course. It’s more than anatomy- it’s a reclamation. – A.M.

“I had an amazing experience at Anna’s workshop. Just the act of taking time for myself, honoring and acknowledging my body was healing for me. I learned a lot and felt cared for. A must-take class for all women! (and men who want to learn).” -B.M.

“Anna is fluent in anatomy and her love for it comes across in her presentation. She is very down to earth and brings her information in a very safe and approachable fashion. She speaks in a very clear and caring manner. Her passion for pelvic care comes in a matter of fact, non sexual, non threating way. The format was very well thought out and the three hours flew by. I’m glad I took the time for this session as I came out of it more educated and aware of things I could do to care for my body.” -A.J.

“This workshop is a unique bridge between the clinical and personal self help journey. I have been on that journey for over a decade with pelvic prolapse and instability. While clinical therapy has been somewhat helpful I am one of those cases that will need regular care for the rest of my life. Anna’s calm, professional, and compassionate presentation teaches essential health skills and breaks down barriers of shame and inhibition that I think will help many women and their partners to normalize pelvic conditions and healing so that women can not only have courage to seek professional help but also be able to help themselves.” -G.C.

“Anna’s Pelvic Mapping workshop was very enlightening. I was unaware of the possibilities of better health through learning techniques that she carefully described. Her caring nature and very thorough explanations provides you with confidence and tools in the healing benefits of pelvic mapping.” – C.H.

“This experience was so beneficial for me. I was really nervous about what to expect but I learned so much about my body and how it works and how to keep it healthy. Anna is such a caring, calming and compassionate presence that she’s so perfect for this and helps put you at ease. You won’t regret signing up for this class.” – J.S.

“Anna is a nurturing, intentional, and informed teacher. I am fresh to pelvic mapping and my curiosity was supported by thorough anatomical graphics, explanations, charts, and trauma-informed suggestions as we moved through the hands-on portion of the workshop. Anna provided space for many introspective check-ins with our bodies, to ask consent, give permission, listen in, soften, and allow. This is so deeply appreciated as my pelvic region and yoni store deep seeds of repressed emotion. Gentleness is the only way I can access healing there, and Anna intuitively and lovingly allowed for just that. Her vernacular is very inclusive which is appreciated as well. I am certainly interested in learning more deeply about pelvic wellbeing and mapping with Anna as a teacher. And I of course recommend this workshop to anyone called to its teachings. Thank you Anna!” – M.W.