Drain + Detox

Online, individualized support.

This is a one month support group for persons wanting guidance with an individualized lymphatic drainage program. To learn more about manual drainage of the deep lymphatics, watch this free masterclass.

The April support cohort will welcome 6-12 people into a private Facebook group, where Anna will go live twice a week with training/instruction and be available to answer all of your questions. We will use this group for online teaching, treatment, check-in, and to measure your health goals/results over the course of one month.

We will systematically work through the “lymph wheel,” which is a manual therapy approach to lymphatic drainage and wellness developed by Dr. Perry Nickelston of Stop Chasing Pain. Your treatment protocol will be based on your individual circumstances and detox reactions. Anna will guide you through this process for one month.

There may also be one introductory Zoom call, which we can schedule at a time that works best for everyone who registers. Everything will be recorded and accessible anytime, including after April. You are invited to use the Facebook group to share and discuss your detox experiences, as well as celebrate with each other!


  • Small group space will be limited to 12 people.
  • This group will be active from April 1-30.
  • You will have access to the Facebook group after April.
  • If you need doctor’s approval to participate, please procure that note in March.
  • If you take medication, please schedule an appointment with your doctor in April.


  • $300 for four weeks of support
  • Sliding scale option: $200 for four weeks of support (use code SLIDINGSCALE)
  • Payment plan option: $100 paid in March, $100 paid on April 1 (use code PAYMENTPLAN)
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Feedback from participants of the Drain + Detox masterclass

“So many take aways from the Drain + Detox class. In less than a week since the taking the class my quality of life has already improved. My chronic pain has been reduced, the symptoms from MCAS are disappearing, and my brain fog is clearing. I have even seen an increase in energy levels.”

“Even being fairly familiar with the lymph system I still learned a lot of new stuff as well as different ways to look at/think about parts of the lymph I was already familiar with. So glad Anna offered this!!”

“Learning about my lymphatic system has been very empowering. I feel more confident that I can care for my body in simple yet effective ways. Anna is such a great teacher. She provides information in easy to understand terms. I learned a lot from attending this class.”

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About your facilitator

Burnett Bodywork is a somatic, trauma-informed bodywork practice in Corvallis, Oregon. Anna Burnett, LMT, is passionate about educating on the under-treated, under-addressed areas of the body: organs, breath, lymph, and pelvic floor. She specializes in osteopathic-type manual therapy. Anna facilitates the Pelvic Wellness Collective in Oregon.

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