Pelvic Mapping for Couples

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What is the intention of a couples session?

If you’re new to pelvic mapping, read all about it here. Whereas solo sessions hold space for the release of emotions, memories, and energies that may come to the surface as participants address the pain/tension patterns in the pelvic floor with self-massage, couples’ sessions are primarily designed for partners to learn advanced anatomy and be guided through mapping the pelvis with compassion. The goal is to increase anatomical/physiological awareness of the female* pelvic bowl in order to support attunement from a place of understanding.

How will my privacy be protected online during the call?

All participant video cameras and microphones will be off and muted during the session. You may rename (anonymize) yourself after you have joined the call. This workshop is designed to be a totally private experience: just you and your partner. There will be no times of participant sharing or group interaction. With these external considerations removed, I hope you are able to deeply connect together.

What can we expect to experience?

Detailed pelvic anatomy will be explained with skeletal models and illustrations. Partners will be guided to systematically locate and learn how to massage the tissues of the pelvis (e.g. urogenital diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, scar tissue). The primary touch intention is therapeutic (soothing) equipping partners to understand the landscape of the pelvis and have the skills to help care for areas of tension as well as support optimal pelvic health and well-being.

What do I need to bring to the session?

  • Vaginal lubricant
  • A comfortable, undisturbed space
  • Curiosity and compassion

*What does female-bodied mean?

AFAB: a current or previous owner of a uterus. This workshop is for vulvar and vaginal mapping of the pelvic diaphragms.