January 1 Session

“It was truly wonderful experience. I’m glad to have been a small part of your journey too! You are an excellent teacher. The timing of your post in [our women’s group] was uncanny. I’ve recently been researching to start pelvic PT, and this was a perfect comfortable intro for me exploring what’s going on with my own body. I look forward to more of your sessions in the future too.” – A.L.

“I enjoyed that you specified it wasn’t a sex ed class, but still gave some info connecting the content to sexuality. The experience didn’t feel sexual, and yet I think the experience will help me connect what we learned to my body during sexual experiences as well.” – A.L.

“Anna is a brilliant therapist, an incredible teacher, and has a very unique transmission. Thank you Anna!” – R.P.

January 16 Session

Every woman would benefit from this empowering knowledge and Anna delivers it in such a practical and grounded way. I felt surprisingly vulnerable as I showed up to the workshop (surprising because I am not new to this type of work) but Anna brought such a loving and accepting presence which allowed me to feel empowered in the experience. Afterward, I felt so connected to my body. I am so grateful! – Anonymous

Anna was both knowledgeable about pelvic anatomy and deeply sensitive to the emotional and energetic history held in our bodies; I was impressed with her trauma sensitive guidance. I consider myself to be an anatomy geek and a proponent of female empowerment, and Anna successfully taught me things I didn’t know about my own body! I want my mother, my grandmother, and all of my women/mother friends to take this course. It’s more than anatomy- it’s a reclamation. – A.M.

“I had an amazing experience at Anna’s workshop. Just the act of taking time for myself, honoring and acknowledging my body was healing for me. I learned a lot and felt cared for. A must-take class for all women! (and men who want to learn).” -B.M.

“Anna is fluent in anatomy and her love for it comes across in her presentation. She is very down to earth and brings her information in a very safe and approachable fashion. She speaks in a very clear and caring manner. Her passion for pelvic care comes in a matter of fact, non sexual, non threating way. The format was very well thought out and the three hours flew by. I’m glad I took the time for this session as I came out of it more educated and aware of things I could do to care for my body.” -A.J.